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Interspectrum OU (IS) has been designing and manufacturing optical and FTIR spectroscopy instruments since 1991. Interspectrum’s instruments have been used in many applications and fields including analytical chemistry, material research, medical research, food science, applied physics, environmental and academic research.

IS offers two main product groups, FTIR Instruments and FT-NIR Instruments. Both group of instruments include bench top, portable and modular type equipment.

The company’s instruments are sold either through regional sales representatives or directly through OEM and other partnership channels.

IS’s instrument design and development capabilities are evident in the broad range of applications for which our products are used for, and as well as in the company’s own line of products.

IS is particularly proud of its line of FTIR / FT-NIR instruments which form the company’s core products. IS manufactures a variety of optical spectroscopy component such as light sources, detector systems and accessories that can be used to produce a wide variety of spectroscopic systems.

The modular FTIR/FT-NIR concept facilitates the arrangement of optical components into configurations that best fit the needs of a specific spectroscopic application.

IS also manufactures custom FTIR spectrometers for different specific application which are used through OEM and other partnership channels. IS team consists of 7 highly experienced engineers who have been previously engaged in designing spaceborne infrared spectrometers for the Soviet space stations “Salyut-4”, “Salyut-7”, “Kosmos-1686” and “Mir”.

Interspectrum has  been coordinator/partner of  FP5 project POSA DWDM in the field of optical telecommunication, partner of FP7 project ADWISE in the field of  on-line monitoring and control of  operation of biogas plants,  partner of Horizon 2020 project INITIO in the field of enantioselective sensing of chiral pollutants, leading partner of EU Interreg  project SpectroSreen in the field of  remote breast cancer screening  based on FTIR spectroscopy.

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