FTIR/FTNIR module Interspec 402-X


Wavelength range, IR 7000 to 400 cm-1
Wavelength range, NIR 14000 to 3000 cm-1

determined by detector: 14000-5800 or 9000- 3850 cm-1

Resolution 1 cm-1 (0.5 cm-1 – option)
Interferometer Pendulum type with flat mirrors
Output beam diameter 38 mm
Optical axis height 87 mm
Aperture ratio f 3.2
Beamsplitter, standard IR Multicoated KBr
Beamsplitter, option IR ZnSe
Beamsplitter, option NIR Fused Silica
Frequency reference VCSEL laser
IR source ceramic
NIR source Quartz-halogen lamp
Desiccant possibility Yes
Power 12 VDC, 30W
Dimensions W35xD25xH16 cm
Weight 12 kg
Temp. environment 15 – 28 0C
Humidity environment Best below 65%


The INTERSPEC series FTIR modules are stable, rugged units requiring the minimum of external utilities.

For easy access, those system components which have a finite lifetime (i.e. laser, and radiation source) are located at the front side of the module. A yellow LED indicator indicates, when the scanning is turned on.

Interspec 402-X series modular instruments may be used as an heart of a more complex spectroscopic system. Sampling handling and the whole spectroscopic system is defined by the customer.

Interferometer Performance

The interferometer compartment under cover is 250 x 250 mm wide and 140 mm high. The Interspec 402-X series of instruments employ a sealed and desiccated interferometer, ensuring high spectral integrity with low levels of water vapour within the interferometer.

We also offer a version (402-XZ) that employs a ZnSe moisture insensitive optics to be impervious to water vapour and can be used to advantage in higher humidity environment’s. Near infrared version (402-XN) employs a fused silica optics and is insensitive to any influence of water vapour.

Resolution in the infrared is available factory default from 1 cm-1 (option 0.5 cm-1). The overall wavelength range is 7000 to 400cm-1 (IR) or 14000 to 3000 cm-1 (NIR).

The unit has 12 VDC input and consists of a power supply PCB and motor driver PCB. Communication with the motor PCB via COM port

Sample holder and Detector Unit Options

Two types of IR or NIR detector units are available: a) with collimating off-axis metal mirrors and b) with off-axis parabolic and off-axis ellpsoidal mirrors and sample slide mount. In case of IR spectral region a selected high sensitivity DLATGS pyroelectric detector is available. In case of NIR spectral region two types of photodiodes are available: Si and InGaAs.  The InGaAs detector is with spectral range either from 0.7 to 1.7 µm or from 1.2 to 2.6 µm.


Detector unit with slide sample mount


Detector unit with parabolic off-axis mirror


Interspec 402-X – Standard FTIR Module with KBr optics.

Interspec 402-XZ – Non-hygroscopic FTIR Module for High Humidity with ZnSe optics

Interspec 402-XN – Near Infra FTIR Module with fused silica optics.

Interspec 402-X Data sheet – DOWNLOAD

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