with horizontal one bounce ZnSe or diamond ATR accessory and pressure applicator


Wavelength range, ZnSe 5000 to 600 cm-1
Wavelength range, diamond 5000 to 600 cm-1
Resolution 2 cm-1
Interferometer Pendulum type with roof mirrors
Beamsplitter, standard Multicoated KBr
Beamsplitter, option Multicoated ZnSe
Frequency reference laser VCSEL
IR source Ceramic
Sample chamber Open architecture type
Desiccant possibility Yes
Interface USB
Data acquisition system 24 bit, high speed
Power 12 VDC (110-240 VAC), 20W
Dimensions, spectrometer W22xD21xH19 cm
Dimensions, sampling unit W8xD8xH5(16) cm
Footprint 21×22 cm
Weight 10 kg
Temp. environment 15 – 28 0C
Humidity environment Best below 65%


311-DRUGS  FTIR spectrometer provides high performance in a compact size and at an affordable price. Combining flexible sample handling outside the instrument and leading Interspec for Windows software, the 311-DRUGS FTIR spectrometer is a great solution for industrial, government or academic labs.

It implements the same field-proven FTIR technology found on other Interspec FTIR models using pendulum type roof mirror interferometer. The lightweight design and small footprint of the 311-DRUGS FTIR spectrometer enables you to bring the spectrometer where you need answers most: from your busy laboratory to the production floor or in the warehouse.

With the wavenumber range from 5000 to 600 cm-1 (either KBr or ZnSe optics) and spectral resolution of 2 cm-1, the spectrometer forms an open architecture type sample compartment outside the spectrometer capable to use different accessories.


Interspec for Windows is supplied on CD and provided with each system shipped. The software includes features for all standard analytical requirements including manipulation of spectral data, instrument control, plot with preview on the screen plus many others. Also included are several facilities for analytical modelling of interferogrammes or spectra, with smoothing, and baseline correction, interactive editing and data manipulation.

Also spectral subtraction, mixture subtraction, smoothing derivatives, plot with preview etc. Data import and export is possible in ASCII, Excel, SPC or JCAMP formats. Other FTIR spectroscopic softwares like Essential FTIR for running the spectrometer and for complete handling of measured infrared data are available as an option.


FDM SearchFaster™ provides easy access to the FDM ALL ATR Bundle

  • User interface optimized for ease-of-use
  • Easy to search and browse
  • 8 search algorithms
  • Easy PDF reports
  • Reads Interspectrum FTIR files (*.spe).

ATR/FTIR Library

1) FDM ALL ATR Bundle (12 databases, 6,943 spectra)


FDM ATR Polymers Diamond            FDM ATR Polymers Germanium

FDM ATR Inorganics Diamond          FDM ATR Inorganics Germanium

FDM ATR Organics Diamond             FDM ATR Organics Germanium

FDM ATR Dyes Diamond                    FDM ATR Dyes Germanium

FDM ATR Cosmetics                          FDM ATR Drugs

FDM ATR Retail Adhesives                FDM ATR Essential Oils

2) FDM ATR Drug Kit Upgrade ( ~ 4,200 spectra)

3) FDM ATR Drug Mixtures Upgrade ( ~ 780,000 spectra)

ATR spectra key advantages:

  • Reproducible path lengths
  • Cleaner baselines
  • Better searching results
  • Diamond and Germanium libraries provide complementary perspectives.
  • Germanium spectra are transmission-like. They tame the effects of strong refractive index values.
  • Models:

311-DRUGS:  Standard 311-DRUGS  ( with KBr optics).

311-DRUGSZ:   Non-hygroscopic 311-DRUGS  ( with ZnSe optics).


311-DRUGS Data sheet – DOWNLOAD

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