• Smart data visualization
  • Data organised in stack and listed in the Trace Gallery
  • Context sensitive mouse operations
  • Mathematical modelling of spectra, including noise
  • Automatic protocols 

Spectra acquisition

  • Selectable resolution and wavelength range
  • Collecting  interferograms or spectra

Spectral  manipulation

  • Calculation of transmittance, absorbance, derivative
  • Fourier transform zero filling
  • Unlimited size fast Fourier transformation
  • Interactive subtraction
  • Apodization functions
  • Interactive baseline correction
  • Smoothing filters -Savitsky-Golay, Median, Mean
  • Peak edit
  • Spectral features
  • Any combinations relating to the second spectra
  • Linear, squared or decibel Y scale
  • Wavenumber X scale
  • Peak marking
  • Cut and zap of the desired areas


  • User compiled layout design for  output graphics
  • JCAMP-DX, ASCII, Galactic.SPC format – export
  • JCAMP-DX, ASCII, Galactic.SPC format – import
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